The Little-known Secrets Of Slot Machines In Casinos

As soon as you enter various casinos around the world, rows of slot machines are absolutely standard. In addition to being the fastest game for novice players, there are also many old players who will use it to test their luck, but no matter you are in any casino Or other online gambling for many years, there are still many secrets of slot machines that you may not know all your life!


The projects in the casino have been designed with strict probability, which can make them in the position of making a steady profit without losing money, which is why opening a casino is so profitable. However, some people do not believe in this evil. They fought wits and bravery with the casino and successfully plucked the hair from the iron rooster, leaving behind legends that only appear in movies and novels.


Thorpe is revered as the “Father of Card Management”. He has a superior IQ. He is also a university professor with a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics. When he was young, Thorpe and his wife went to Las Vegas to travel, and they became very interested in blackjack. In his opinion, there must be a mathematical method that can win the dealer, using his own mind and the university’s A-table. With a primitive computer in one room, Thorp simulated and studied billions of blackjack card types, and concluded a card counting and betting system that allows players to have a 1% to 5% higher winning rate than the dealer. Afterwards, Suo Ye frequently went to major casinos to practice his theories, and often won tens of thousands of dollars in a weekend. The casinos naturally suspected that he was cheating, but they couldn’t find any evidence. It wasn’t until 1962 that Thorpe published his research results in the book “Beat the Banker” that those casinos that he won money realized and asked why they made this secret love that can turn stones into gold public. , That’s because people don’t look down on the little money won in the casino. He switched to the stock market and used his mathematical genius to earn more money in hedge funds than he could spend in his life. Thorpe was one of the first seven veterans inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame for his pioneering contributions to blackjack gaming theory.

There is no sure-win trick for gambling in a casino. It is good to control your mentality and enjoy a small gamble. Playing with skill can only increase the pleasure brought by gambling to a certain extent.

Post time: May-11-2023