Casino Insights

The official start of the casino tour. The first is the slot machine. We played roughly 4 types of slot machines (there are about ten or twenty types in total). At least it is quite different from my original imagination. I thought there were only three suits. More wins less, the rules are clear at a glance. But the reality is that the rules of the slot machine are extremely complicated. There is a slot machine that counts the number of patterns, and 3*5 patterns appear on the screen, but only count according to the given 36 lines, and only those on the line are counted.


Slot machines are automatically settled for each game, and you can choose multiples of * 1, * 2, * 3, * 5, and * 10, with a minimum of 50 cents as the bottom (although there are different types of slot machines, they are probably the same number, and there are also 25 cents as the bottom). As for the yield, among the five of us, the luckiest one won from $5 to $55, and there were also those between $10 and $30.


About 50% of the space in the casino is slot machines (the main revenue of the casino comes from slot machines), and more than 20% is for catering and gambling? (I’m not sure if it’s gambling, but there are indeed dozens of screens on a large wall with different types of ball games), and more than 20% of them are tables, which look similar to casinos in American movies (refer to Blackjack) and are slightly smaller than billiards tables. The gameplay of the table is also diverse, including Pai Gow, Baccarat, turntable, black jack, and some unheard of. To add another sentence to the turntable, both the turntable and the small beads are physical, but they are not manually rotated by the dealer. It is the machine that is rotating, but after stopping, the rotation of the small beads is indeed a random collision (perhaps the casino can also make the machine spin out the desired points?). In fact, I personally believe that there is no need for the casino to cheat because the return expectation of the turntable is less than one. As long as the number of times is large enough, the casino is stable and there is no need to take risks to smash its signs. Unless someone continues to win (this is also one of the ways to win a super huge bonus, with a 1/38 chance of winning 3 times or more in a row. This way, the bottom of 5 yuan can become 200000, and 4 times in a row is 7 million, with a probability that the corresponding bonus is more than 10 times higher than the lottery mega million)

In addition, each table is equipped with a croupier, and each table can only seat up to 6 people (the turntable is also counted as a table, and a maximum of 6 people can gamble on one table). Different regions and different games have different table minimums. The minimum bet table is $5 (I don’t know what game it is), the minimum bet for Blackjack is $10, and the highest minimum bet table I’ve seen is 200 Dollar.

To put it bluntly, gambling is a math problem.

Post time: May-31-2023